Everything Kelly LeVeque Has To Say About The Benefits Of Celery Juice

She is the one who makes sure stars like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner get proper nutrition. Holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque is known for guiding celebrity clients and inspiring her many followers on Instagram through her wellness approach. Here, she shared her views on the much-hyped celery juice which is claimed to be miraculous as it has the ability to combat viruses such as Epstein-Barr. After being asked by many of her clients about this trending juice, Kelly decided to give it a try before giving an opinion about it.

She mentioned that usually, she doesn’t recommend a juice diet due to the reason that juices are full of fructose which can cause a disturbance in the hunger hormones and result in an imbalance of blood sugar level. Kelly told that to form an opinion on this newly popular thing, she started her day with the intake of celery juice (20 ounces) regularly for a week.

Kelly shared her knowledge and told that celery consists of 97% water and if it’s true that it has cluster salts in it (as claimed by others) then it means you are consuming electrolyte water after waking up, which is quite beneficial. Hydrating your body with electrolytes helps in boosting digestion as well as controlling sugar cravings.

About her personal experience, the famous nutritionist expressed that consuming celery juice every morning for 7 days made her feel great, though she can’t specify if it was because of the celery or just the hydration. Kelly said that she would be able to figure out better once she does the same routine, this time by replacing celery juice with water. Lastly, she didn’t forget to mention that she loves celery as it’s rich in enzymes and antioxidants but it’s better to eat it than to drink because that way you don’t waste the fiber that is highly beneficial for the microbiome that exists in your gut. Just one tip while drinking this juice – don’t forget to add a hint of Himalayan salt and lemon juice to get the maximum benefits.

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