Chris Pratt Says His 35K Unread Emails Made Son Jack 'Gasp' – So He (Accidentally!) Deleted Them

Anna Faris Jokes Son Jack Knows She and Dad Chris Pratt Are Famous: "He's Not Impressed"

"But I also want to apologize — there are a lot of emails in there where I just spaced out and I didn't get back to you," continued Pratt. "If you're watching this and you're one of those people, I'm sorry. But I'm gonna try — I'm gonna try to get back to you. I'm working on it right now."

Pratt went on to profess that he would address 1,000 unread emails per day until he got it "down to zero." Little did he know, he'd mistakenly erase the entire inbox at once.

"Okay, trying not to panic. I think I just tried something to delete anything unread, and it just deleted them. So now I'm like: 'Oh no. I needed to read them.' But I don't know where they went," he said.

"If I owe you an email," Pratt added, watching his email trash bin fill up with 51,000 messages and counting, "you might want to follow up on that; re-submit, perhaps, the email, and then I'll read it. It may have just gotten deleted."

Freaking out over his mishap, Pratt sighed, saying, "Oh my God, this could be a real nightmare." But the Guardians of the Galaxy star soon moved on, quipping with a shrug, "Fresh start."

Pratt is currently expecting his second child and first with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger — and they can't wait to give Jack a little brother or sister.

"After they got married, they couldn't wait to grow their family," a source previously told PEOPLE. "Jack will be a great big brother. Katherine always says that he is the sweetest, most caring boy."

Added a friend, "They can't wait for Jack to have a sibling."

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